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Prateek Mehta

(Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya )
Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya

Prateek Mehta

Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya


Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya

About the Trainer

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Prateek started his career 5 years ago in Texas, USA, as a digital marketeer after completing his engineering in Computer science from University of Houston. The technology and tools available in the market were still evolving, and the concept of digital acquisition was still coming of age.

After coming back to India he worked with Adobe systems, providing consultancy to their Digital Marketing clients to understand the visitor journey and help them draw actionable insights out of tons of data coming into their reports. His clients included the likes of Dell, Walmart, Ebay, Citizen’s Bank of Canada, Ally Bank, Sun Life insurance and many more.

Prateek’s innovative ways to train, and extract the best out of the team of analysts made him the TTT certified trainer of Adobe systems for their new hires. He believes in providing hands on implementation and involving teams to think of solutions to enrich the experience of training.
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